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Profoto Light Shaper Renting in Barcelona.

Profoto Honeycomb Grid 10° for Magnum/Telezoom Reflector

Honeycomb Grid 10° for Magnum/Telezoom Reflector

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The Honeycomb Grid 10° for Magnum/Telezoom Reflector is an essential accessory for photographers looking to control light precisely. Designed to fit the Magnum and Telezoom reflectors, this grid allows you to create a narrow 10° beam angle, resulting in concentrated and directional lighting.

The grid attaches easily to the front of your reflector, securely held in place with convenient clips. It is constructed with a durable and lightweight material that ensures long-lasting use without adding unnecessary weight to your gear.

With this Honeycomb Grid, you can effectively control light spill, minimize reflections, and emphasize details by selectively illuminating your subject. Whether you are capturing portraits, products, or creative shots, this grid helps you achieve professional and impactful results.

Expand your lighting possibilities and enhance your creative vision with the Honeycomb Grid 10° for Magnum/Telezoom Reflector. It is a must-have tool for photographers seeking precise and controlled lighting in their shoots.


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