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Profoto Connect Pro F - for Fuji

Connect Pro F - for Fuji

includes batteries AAA.
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Introducing Connect Pro F - the ultimate connectivity solution specifically designed for Fuji cameras. This high-quality accessory allows seamless wireless communication between your Fuji camera and other compatible devices.

With Connect Pro F, you can conveniently transfer your photos and videos to your smartphone, tablet, or computer in just a few clicks. No more hassle of using cables or removing memory cards. Share and upload your stunning shots effortlessly!

Featuring advanced Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, Connect Pro F enables you to remotely control your Fuji camera, adjust settings, and capture images from a distance. Capture incredible group shots or stunning selfies without any restriction.

Not only that, Connect Pro F comes with an innovative GPS tracker, allowing you to geotag your images and keep a record of your shooting locations. Relive your adventures by visually mapping your photographic journey.

Compact, lightweight, and easy to use, Connect Pro F is the perfect companion for any Fuji camera owner, whether you're a professional photographer or an aspiring enthusiast. Enhance your photography experience with seamless connectivity and explore endless creative possibilities.


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