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Profoto Clic Light Shapers Renting in Barcelona.

Profoto Clic Softgrid 2.3' (70cm) Octa

Clic Softgrid 2.3' (70cm) Octa

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The Profoto Clic Softgrid 2.3' (70cm) Octa is a specialized light control accessory specifically designed for professional photographers and videographers. This light modifier is an integral part of the Profoto Clic system, specializing in the manipulation and control of light output in a variety of situations. It helps to direct the light beam to exact, desired locations while also reducing the light spread.

Constructed with high-quality fabric, the Clic Softgrid is durable and fault-resistant, ensuring a reliable performance for years to come. The grid design optimizes the Texture and detail of the subject by reducing the light spread by up to 50°. Its octagonal shape provides a soft and flattering light, enhancing the overall quality of the photos and videos.

Equipped with integrated metal clamps and with a size of 70cm, the accessory equips easily to any Profoto Clic light, providing a robust and secure fitting. Additionally, this accessory can be folded down to a compact size, making it conveniently portable for indoor and outdoor shoots.

Key features and technical specifications are:

  • Part of the Profoto Clic System
  • Optimized Light Control and Reduction of Light Spread to 50°
  • High-Quality Fabric Construction
  • Integrated Metal Clamps for Secure Attachment
  • Easy to Fold and Portable Design
  • Octagonal Shape for Soft and Flattering Light
  • Dimensions: 2.3' (70cm) Octa

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