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Profoto Clic Light Shapers Renting in Barcelona.

Profoto Clic Colour Correction kit

Clic Colour Correction kit

includes 1 x gel holder, 1 x filter full CTO, 1/2 CTO, 1/4 CTO y 1/2 Plus Green.
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The A10/A1 Clic Colour Correction kit is a versatile and innovative tool designed to help professionals and enthusiasts in the field of color correction. Whether you work with photography, videography, graphic design, or any other visual medium, this kit is a must-have for enhancing your creative projects. The kit consists of a set of 10 A10 color correction filters and 1 A1 Clic holder for easy attachment to your camera lens, light source, or any other photography equipment. With a variety of filters that include color correctors, neutral density filters, and creative filters, this kit allows you to manipulate the color and intensity of light to achieve stunning effects and correct any color imbalances in your images. The A10 filters are made from high-quality optical glass, ensuring excellent light transmission and minimal distortion. Each filter is carefully designed to maintain color accuracy, clarity, and optimal image quality. The A1 Clic holder is lightweight, compact, and easily adjustable, allowing you to swap filters effortlessly and precisely. Whether you are a professional photographer, a filmmaker, or a hobbyist, the A10/A1 Clic Colour Correction kit offers you endless possibilities for unleashing your creativity. Enhance your images with vibrant colors, balance exposure in challenging lighting conditions, or experiment with unique visual effects. Upgrade your photography gear with this exceptional kit and take your creative vision to new heights.


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