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Profoto Car Charger for Pro B1X and B1 L-Ion

Car Charger for Pro B1X and B1 L-Ion

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Introducing the Car Charger for Pro B1X and B1 L-Ion

Charge your Profoto Pro B1X and B1 L-Ion batteries on-the-go with our Car Charger. This compact and portable charger eliminates the need to search for a power outlet when you're out on location or on a road trip. Designed specifically for the Pro B1X and B1 L-Ion batteries, this car charger ensures a fast and efficient charging experience.

The Car Charger features a durable construction and a secure fit to the car's power outlet, offering reliable charging without any interruptions. Its sleek and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and store in your camera bag or glove compartment. Simply plug the charger into your car's power adapter, connect it to your Pro B1X or B1 L-Ion battery, and watch the charging LED indicator light up to confirm the charging process.

Whether you're a professional photographer, videographer, or a photography enthusiast, the Car Charger for Pro B1X and B1 L-Ion is a must-have accessory for convenience and peace of mind. Never miss a shot due to low battery again!


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