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Profoto Light Shaper Renting in Barcelona.

Profoto Barndoors for Zoomreflector

Barndoors for Zoomreflector

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The Profoto Light Shaper Barndoors for Zoomreflector is a professional light control accessory predominantly used by photographers and videographers for precise control over lighting. These barndoors feature four adjustable leaves, providing maximum flexibility to shape light and control the spread, tailored to your creative needs. They are designed for use with the Profoto Zoomreflector, amplifying the light shape manipulation capability.

These barndoors are made of high-quality materials that ensure durability despite heavy usage in demanding professional setups. The accessory is lightweight and compact, making it convenient to pack within your existing equipment. Its sleek black design does not interfere with your creative process. Plus, it's straightforward to attach and remove, allowing users to alter light forms swiftly and easily during shoots.

  • Accessory Type: Light control
  • Suitable for: Profoto Zoomreflector
  • Number of Leaves: Four Adjustable Leaves
  • Material: High-Quality Durable Material
  • Design: Lightweight and Compact
  • Color: Black

Experience the power of superior light shaping capability with Profoto Light Shaper Barndoors for Zoomreflector, a light control accessory ideal for the exacting demands of professional photography and videography.


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