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Umbrellas Renting in Barcelona.

Profoto Backpanel for Umbrella L (black / white)

Backpanel for Umbrella L (black / white)

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The Backpanel for Umbrella L (black/white) is an indispensable professional light control accessory crafted for photographers and videographers. Its excellent build and color ensure the right kind of light reflection and absorption for your needs.

This backpanel is specially designed to fit the large umbrella from our range making it a versatile addition to your photography equipment. It's quick and straightforward to set up, saving both your time and effort during shooting sessions.

The primary material is high-quality fabric that's durable, ensuring the backpanel's longevity. The black side of the backpanel aids in preventing light leaks, guaranteeing you have total control over your lighting. Conversely, the white side aids in reflecting soft light, assisting in generating the specific mood or effect you want to achieve in your shots.

Key features and technical specifications include:

  • Color: Black/White
  • Material: Durable Fabric
  • Compatibility: Fits with Large sized Umbrella
  • Function: Controls light reflection and absorption
  • Design: Easy to set up

Please note that the Backpanel for Umbrella L (black/white) does not include a light stand or umbrella. These items are available for purchase separately.


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