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Profoto B1X 500 Ws AirTTL Location Kit (2 Heads)

B1X 500 Ws AirTTL Location Kit (2 Heads)

includes 2 x heads, 2 x zoom reflectors, 2 x batteries, 2 x chargers. Stands not included.
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The B1X 500 Ws AirTTL Location Kit (2 Heads) is a high-quality lighting kit specially designed for professional photographers who often work on location shoots.

This kit includes two B1X 500 Ws AirTTL heads that provide powerful and consistent lighting, ensuring perfect illumination for your subjects. The heads are equipped with AirTTL technology, allowing for easy wireless control and seamless integration with your camera.

The B1X 500 Ws AirTTL Location Kit is ideal for a wide range of photography genres, including portrait, fashion, and commercial photography. With a maximum output of 500 Ws, it delivers ample power to capture stunning images in any environment.

In addition to the two heads, this kit also includes other essential accessories, such as two Li-Ion batteries, a charger, a backpack, and a sturdy carrying case. These accessories make it convenient to transport and use the lighting setup on location shoots.

Whether you are shooting in a studio or a remote outdoor location, the B1X 500 Ws AirTTL Location Kit (2 Heads) provides you with the versatility and reliability you need to achieve outstanding results every time. Upgrade your lighting setup today and take your photography to the next level!


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