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Profoto B1 500 Ws Air TTL Location Kit (2 Heads)

B1 500 Ws Air TTL Location Kit (2 Heads)

includes 2 x heads, 2 x zoom reflectors, 2 x batteries, 2 x chargers. Stands not included.
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The B1 500 Ws Air TTL Location Kit is a high-quality lighting solution designed for professional photographers. This kit includes two B1 500 Ws Air TTL Heads, which provide powerful and consistent lighting for various shooting scenarios.

The B1 500 Ws Air TTL Heads feature AirTTL technology, allowing for seamless integration with compatible cameras. This ensures accurate exposure and eliminates the need for manual adjustments, saving time and effort in post-production.

With a maximum power output of 500 Ws, these heads deliver exceptional lighting intensity and flexibility. The adjustable power range enables precise control over the lighting setup, allowing photographers to achieve their desired effects effortlessly.

For added convenience, the B1 500 Ws Air TTL Heads are equipped with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This eliminates the need for power cords, making them perfect for on-location shoots, where mobility is essential.

The kit also includes high-quality light modifiers such as the OCF Softbox and the OCF Beauty Dish. These accessories ensure soft and diffused lighting, ideal for portrait and fashion photography.

Thanks to its advanced features and reliable performance, the B1 500 Ws Air TTL Location Kit is the perfect lighting solution for professional photographers seeking portability and versatility in their lighting setups.


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