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Profoto B10X PLUS 500 Ws AirTTL Duo Kit (2 Heads)

B10X PLUS 500 Ws AirTTL Duo Kit (2 Heads)

includes 2 x heads, 2 x batteries, 2 x chargers.
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The B10X PLUS 500 Ws AirTTL Duo Kit (2 Heads) is a versatile and powerful lighting solution for photographers and videographers. This kit includes two B10X PLUS 500 Ws AirTTL heads, which are compact and lightweight, making them perfect for on-location shoots.

The 500 Ws power output allows you to create precise and impactful lighting, while the AirTTL technology ensures consistent and accurate exposure every time. With built-in TTL and HSS capabilities, you can effortlessly achieve perfect flash exposures and freeze motion even in challenging lighting conditions.

The B10X PLUS heads are incredibly user-friendly, with a clear and intuitive interface that allows for easy adjustments. They also feature a powerful LED modeling light with adjustable brightness, making it convenient for both photography and videography purposes.

Additionally, the B10X PLUS heads offer a wide range of creative possibilities. They are compatible with a wide range of lighting modifiers, enabling you to shape and control the light to suit your needs. Whether you're shooting portraits, still life, or action, this kit provides the flexibility and quality you need.

Compact, powerful, and packed with advanced features, the B10X PLUS 500 Ws AirTTL Duo Kit (2 Heads) is the perfect lighting solution for professionals and enthusiasts alike.


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