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Profoto B10 PLUS 500 WS AirTTL Duo Kit (2 Heads)

B10 PLUS 500 WS AirTTL Duo Kit (2 Heads)

includes 2 x heads, 2 x batteries, 2 x chargers.
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The B10 PLUS 500 WS AirTTL Duo Kit (2 Heads) is the ultimate lighting solution for professional photographers. This kit includes two powerful B10 PLUS 500 WS AirTTL heads, providing a total of 1000 watt-seconds of lighting power.

The B10 PLUS 500 WS AirTTL heads are equipped with AirTTL technology, allowing for fast and accurate wireless control of the lights. The built-in TTL feature ensures effortless exposure and consistent lighting results, even in complex lighting situations.

With a compact and lightweight design, the B10 PLUS 500 WS AirTTL heads are perfect for on-location shoots. The super-fast recycling time of just 0.05-0.9 seconds allows for rapid firing, capturing every moment without any delay.

Featuring a wide power range from 1 to 10 f-stops, these heads provide exceptional flexibility in adjusting the lighting intensity to meet your specific needs. The precise color temperature control ensures consistent and accurate color reproduction in every shot.

The B10 PLUS 500 WS AirTTL Duo Kit also includes a range of powerful and easy-to-use accessories, such as a softbox, reflector, and battery charger. With its comprehensive features and high-quality build, this kit is the perfect choice for professional photographers looking to elevate their lighting game.


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