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On-Camera Flash Renting in Barcelona.

Profoto A1 AirTTL-N (Clic System)

A1 AirTTL-N (Clic System)

includes 1 x battery, 1 x battery charger, 1 x dome diffuser, 1 x bounce card, 1 x wide lens, 1 x stand adapter.
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The A1 AirTTL-N is a cutting-edge wireless flash unit designed for Nikon cameras, providing photographers with advanced TTL (Through-The-Lens) technology. With its built-in Air Remote, the A1 AirTTL-N enables seamless communication between the camera and flash, ensuring accurate and consistent lighting in any situation.

Equipped with a powerful 76Ws output, this compact and lightweight flash delivers exceptional performance in both natural and artificial lighting conditions. Its round head design offers a soft and smooth light distribution, creating natural-looking results. The A1 AirTTL-N is perfect for portrait, wedding, and event photography, allowing photographers to capture stunning, well-lit images effortlessly.

Featuring full compatibility with the Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS), the A1 AirTTL-N syncs flawlessly with other Nikon Speedlights and accessories, expanding the possibilities for creative lighting setups. The intuitive interface and user-friendly controls make it easy to navigate through the various lighting modes and settings, ensuring a hassle-free photography experience.

With its built-in AirTTL receiver, the A1 AirTTL-N offers wireless TTL and HSS (High-Speed Sync) up to 300m, providing flexibility and convenience for off-camera lighting setups. The rechargeable Li-ion battery enables up to 350 full-power flashes, eliminating the need for constant battery replacements.

Explore new creative horizons and elevate your photography game with the A1 AirTTL-N - the ultimate wireless flash unit for Nikon cameras.


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