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Polyboards Renting in Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent Polyboard (soft)silver/white 120 x 120 cm / 4 x 4'

Polyboard (soft)silver/white 120 x 120 cm / 4 x 4'

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The Polyboard (soft) silver/white 120 x 120 cm / 4 x 4' is a professional-grade photography tool that helps create well-lit and high-quality images.

Key features and technical specifications of the Polyboard include:

  • Dimensions: The Polyboard measures 120 cm x 120 cm / 4 x 4', making it suitable for both small and large photography setups.
  • Double-sided: One side of the Polyboard is soft silver, which offers a gentle, diffused reflective light ideal for creating subtle highlights and balancing exposure. The other side is white, providing a softer light bounce that helps reduce shadows.
  • Material: Made of a lightweight but durable material, this Polyboard ensures long-lasting use. The surfaces are wipe clean, allowing for easy maintenance and increased longevity.
  • Portability: Despite its large size, the Polyboard is light and manageable, making it perfect for location shooting or for studio use where space might be limited.

Overall, the Polyboard (soft) silver/white 120 x 120 cm / 4 x 4' is a versatile and highly useful addition to any professional photography setup, offering practicality, durability, and versatility in one package.


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