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LocLum Polyboard black/white 120 x 300 cm / 4 x 10' (purchase)

Polyboard black/white 120 x 300 cm / 4 x 10' (purchase)

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The Polyboard black/white is a versatile and practical product perfect for various applications. This Polyboard measures 120 x 300 cm (4 x 10') in size, providing ample space for any project or task at hand.

Constructed with high-quality materials, this Polyboard features a sleek black and white design, offering a stylish addition to any environment. Its dual-sided surface allows for flexibility in usage, as you can choose between the black or white side to suit your preference or needs.

Whether you are an artist in need of a sturdy canvas, a contractor requiring a reliable surface for construction, or simply looking to organize your workspace, the Polyboard black/white is the perfect solution. Purchase this durable and multipurpose product today and experience its endless possibilities!


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