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LocLum Polar Filter (86mm)

Polar Filter (86mm)

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The product is a FiltersPolar Filter (86mm) designed specifically for enhancing the quality of photography by reducing glare, managing reflections, and intensifying color saturation. It's an essential tool for both professional photographers and videographers.

Key Features:

  • Diameter: This filter comes with a diameter of 86mm, making it compatible with a variety of camera lenses.
  • Material: The filter is made from high-quality optical glass for superior clarity and durability.
  • Polarization: The polarizing characteristic of this filter decreases glare and reflections, resulting in sharper, clearer images.
  • Color Enhancement: It can increase color saturation, allowing for more vibrant and lifelike images.
  • Coating: The multi-coated filter promotes better light transmission and provides protection against scratches, oil, and water.

Technical Specifications:

  • Diameter: 86mm
  • Filter Effect: Polarizing
  • Material: Optical Glass
  • Coating: Multi-Coated
  • Compatibility: Compatible with lenses of matching diameter

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