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Filters Renting in Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent Polar Filter (77mm)

Polar Filter (77mm)

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The FiltersPolar Filter (77mm) is a professional, high-quality accessory aimed at professional photographers and videographers. This filter fits lenses with a 77mm diameter.

The filter promotes enhanced image quality. It is built with an optical glass for high definition imaging. The multi-resistant coating reduces lens flare and ghosting, while effectively protecting the lens from scratches or dust. It has a slim, lightweight frame that does not interfere with the image quality or vignetting.

  • Product: FiltersPolar Filter (77mm)
  • Diameter: 77mm
  • Construction: High-quality optical glass
  • Coating: Multi-resistant coating (MRC)
  • Compatibility: Fits lenses with a 77mm diameter
  • Extra Feature: Slim, lightweight frame
  • Maintenance: Dust and scratch-resistant
  • Benefits: Reduced lens flare, ghosting, and better image quality

This filter offers professional photographers the opportunity for improved clarity and colour contrast in bright scenes. It also affords greater control over depth of field.


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