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LocLum Polar Filter (67mm)

Polar Filter (67mm)

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The FiltersPolar Filter (67mm) is a indispensable tool designed to enhance image quality. This specific product has numerous technical characteristics tailored to professional photographers. A fundamental feature is the diameter of 67mm.

Key features of the FiltersPolar Filter (67mm) include:

  • Filter size: The Filter boasts a size of 67mm, suitable for lenses with 67mm thread size.
  • Material: It is produced using high-quality optical glass for superior clarity and colour fidelity. The filter's metal ring increases durability.
  • Polarising effect: The FiltersPolar Filter's primary benefit is the polarising effect. This feature reduces glare and reflections, thereby improving the overall image quality. Such an effect can be particularly beneficial when shooting landscapes or water scenes.
  • Multi-coated: The filter is multi-coated, which minimises lens flare and ghosting. This coating also protects the lens surface from scratches and smudges.
  • Rotating mount: The filter comes with a rotating mount, providing the user with the ability to adjust the level of polarisation by simply turning the filter ring.
  • Light transmission: With light transmission of up to 99.5%, this filter ensures that the image's brightness and contrast are not compromised.
  • Compatibility: While it is designed for lenses with a 67mm thread, the filter can be used with step-up or step-down adapter rings, making it versatile and compatible with lenses of different sizes.

In terms of specifications, the FiltersPolar Filter (67mm) is designed for maximum performance within a compact and lightweight frame. It weighs just 22g, with a height of 10mm, making it an ideal addition for professionals on the move.


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