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LocLum Polar Filter (62mm)

Polar Filter (62mm)

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The FiltersPolar Filter (62mm) is a specialty item designed specifically for professional photographers and videographers. It's primarily used for eliminating unwanted reflections and enhancing color and contrast in various lighting conditions.

Key Features and Technical Specifications:

  • Diameter: 62mm- This size is ideal for a wide range of DSLR camera lenses.
  • Material: High-quality optical glass,
  • Coating: Multi-coated- Doing this helps to reduce lens flare and ghosting, which improves the overall image quality.
  • Function: It removes glare and reflections from non-metallic surfaces. Similarly, it helps to improve color saturation and contrast in bright conditions- offering more vibrant images.
  • Type: Circular polarizer- this trait allows usage with DSLR cameras that use beam-splitting mechanisms for their autobraking system.
  • Durability: The filter also has a durable aluminum ring to securely hold the optical element, reducing the risk of damage.

This filter has been designed to ensure maximum light transmission and minimal reflection. It's easy to use and can be vital for reducing glare and increasing color saturation, resulting in high-quality images even in challenging lighting conditions.


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