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Umbrellas Renting in Barcelona.

Photek Sunbuster SB-84WFG (Uncle Sam) 210cm / 84"

Sunbuster SB-84WFG (Uncle Sam) 210cm / 84"

White/translucent umbrella, black/silver cover, stand extension, angle mount, grip clamp, spiggot single head mount, and double head mount.
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The UmbrellasSunbuster SB-84WFG (Uncle Sam) 210cm / 84" is a top-of-the-line umbrella built for professional photographic and videographic applications. It comes with a host of high-end features and specifications to meet the unique needs of professionals in the field.

Key features:

  • The umbrella is an expansive 210cm / 84" in diameter, providing a large light-softening surface and an expansive coverage area for superior image quality.
  • It uses a white-fiberglass exterior that produces a soft, evenly spread light, perfect for diffusing shadows and reducing harsh contrasts during shoots.
  • The interior is lined with a reflective silver material that boosts light efficiency by reflecting more light onto the subject, resulting in brighter, more vibrant images.
  • The umbrella employs a well-constructed, durable joint-and-clip system for secure, flexible umbrella positioning and handling.

Technical specifications:

  • Diameter: 210cm / 84"
  • Exterior Material: White Fiberglass
  • Interior Material: Reflective Silver lining
  • Joint and Clip System: Resilient Build

The UmbrellasSunbuster SB-84WFG (Uncle Sam) 210cm / 84" offers both the technical excellence and practical convenience that professionals require for exceptional work.


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