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Photek SoftLighter II Umbrella Kit 5000, 115cm / 46"

SoftLighter II Umbrella Kit 5000, 115cm / 46"

White/translucent umbrella system, with inner silver and gold reflectors and frontal diffusor.
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The UmbrellasSoftLighter II Umbrella Kit 5000 is a comprehensive lighting solution aimed at professional photographers and videographers. It includes a 46" (115cm) umbrella and a matching diffuser to provide an adaptable and well-diffused illuminated area for your subjects.

Key features and technical specifications of the UmbrellaSoftLighter II Umbrella Kit are as follows:

  • Components: The kit includes one large umbrella, along with a diffuser covering to soften the light.
  • Dimensions: With a diameter of 46" (approximately 115cm), the umbrella provides a wide area of light distribution.
  • Construction: The umbrella is made with a high-quality reflective material, ensuring bright light reflection and high durability.
  • Diffuser: The diffuser effectively spreads the light across the whole surface of the umbrella, reducing shadows and providing even lighting.
  • Compatibility: The UmbrellasSoftLighter II is designed to work with most flash heads and continuous light sources, making it highly versatile and suitable for many types of shoots.
  • Setup: The umbrella is easy to assemble and disassemble, and it comes with a carrying case for easy transportation.
  • Adjustability: The angle of the umbrella is adjustable, allowing for precise light control.

Please note that a light stand and flash bracket are required for use, which are not included with this kit.


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