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Nissin Power Pack for Speedlites

Power Pack for Speedlites

includes 1 x charger. Power cable to speedlite not included.
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Power Pack for Speedlites

The Power Pack for Speedlites is an essential accessory for professional photographers seeking to prolong the shooting time of their speedlites. This compact and lightweight power pack ensures uninterrupted power supply, enabling photographers to capture stunning images for extended periods.

Equipped with high-quality Lithium-ion batteries, this power pack provides a reliable and consistent power source, eliminating the hassle of constantly changing batteries. With its quick recharging feature, the Power Pack for Speedlites ensures minimal downtime, allowing photographers to focus on capturing the perfect shot.

The Power Pack for Speedlites features multiple power outlets, allowing simultaneous use of multiple speedlites without compromising performance. Its user-friendly interface displays real-time battery level, ensuring photographers are always aware of the remaining power.

Designed with portability in mind, the Power Pack for Speedlites is compact and easily fits into a camera bag. Its durable construction and non-slip grip create a secure attachment to any camera setup, ensuring it remains securely in place even in fast-paced shooting environments.

Upgrade your speedlite photography experience with the Power Pack for Speedlites. Say goodbye to the constraints of limited battery life and unleash your creativity with this powerful and reliable accessory.


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