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Nikon Battery Charger for EN-EL15 (D810/D850/Z)

Battery Charger for EN-EL15 (D810/D850/Z)

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The Battery Charger for EN-EL15 (D810/D850/Z) is a specialized charging device designed to recharge EN-EL15 batteries used in various high-performance DSLR cameras and mirrorless systems. This charger is engineered with quality materials and advanced technology to assure stable charging performance.

Key features:

  • Designed specifically for Nikon EN-EL15, EN-EL15a, and EN-EL15b batteries.
  • Compatible with Nikon D810, D850, Z6, Z7 and other models using the same battery.
  • Provides fast and efficient charging to maximize shooting time.
  • Incorporates multiple protection systems to ensure safe and reliable charging.
  • Features a compact and easily portable design for on-the-go usage.
  • Easy to operate with LED light indicators to monitor the charging status.

Technical specifications:

  • Input voltage: AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Output voltage: DC 8.4V, 1.2A
  • Charging time: Approx 2-4 hours (depending on battery capacity)
  • Dimensions: (W x H x D) Approx 90 x 60 x 38mm
  • Weight: Approx 88 grams

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