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LocLum Neutral Density Filter 95mm (regulable)

Neutral Density Filter 95mm (regulable)

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The FiltersNeutral Density Filter 95mm (regulable) is a versatile and functional tool essential in a professional photographer's kit. Designed for high-quality DSLR cameras, this filter provides exceptional control over exposure and depth of field.

The key features of this product include:

  • Diameter: The FiltersNeutral Density Filter comes with a large 95mm diameter, capable of fitting a variety of professional-grade lenses.
  • Regulable: This filter offers adjustable light transmission, allowing photographers to change the exposure of their shots according to their need without affecting the color of the photo.
  • Material: Manufactured with high-quality optical glass, this filter ensures durability and resistance against scratches.
  • Coating: Featuring a multi-coated surface, this filter minimizes lens glare and ghosting while ensuring sharper images in challenging light conditions.

The technical specifications of the FiltersNeutral Density Filter 95mm (regulable) include:

  • Filter Type: Neutral Density
  • Filter Size: 95mm
  • Light Transmission: Variable
  • Coating: Multi-Coated
  • Material: Optical Glass

With its large diameter, regulability, and superior built quality, the FiltersNeutral Density Filter 95mm (regulable) is designed to deliver optimum performance even in diverse shooting conditions.


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