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LocLum Neutral Density Filter 82mm (10 stop, 3.0)

Neutral Density Filter 82mm (10 stop, 3.0)

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The FiltersNeutral Density Filter 82mm (10 stop, 3.0) is a professional accessory designed to help photographers and videographers enhance their imaging capabilities. This filter offers a method to create captivating effects in their works without having to change the aperture, shutter speed, or ISO settings.

Here is a list of the key features and technical specifications:

  • It possesses a diameter of 82mm, making it compatible with many professional camera lenses.
  • The filter offers a neutral density rating of 3.0, also known as a 10-stop light reduction. This feature facilitates the capturing of slower shutter speed or wider aperture photographs in bright lighting conditions.
  • It seamlessly reduces light intensity, without any impact on the color accuracy of the captured images.
  • The FiltersNeutral Density Filter is crafted from high-quality optical glass to ensure durability and accurate light transmission.
  • Its multi-coated surface enhances the filter's resistance against reflections, scratches, water, and dust.
  • It's equipped with a slim, threaded aluminium ring to easily mount onto the front of the lens and can be stacked with other filters if desired.
  • It provides a wider margin of creative control by allowing for longer exposure times and motion blur for dynamic landscape shots, flowing waterfalls, or city streets.

Important to note that the use of a tripod is strongly recommended while using this filter, to prevent camera shake during the longer exposure times.


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