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LocLum Neutral Density Filter 72mm (10 stop, 3.0)

Neutral Density Filter 72mm (10 stop, 3.0)

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The FiltersNeutral Density Filter 72mm (10 stop, 3.0) provides an essential tool for landscape and architectural photographers. Additionally, it's noteworthy among videographers shooting in bright light condition needing motion blur or decreased depth of field.

Key Features:

  • The Neutral Density Filter provides a 10-stop light reduction, enabling extended exposure and motion blur effects in bright light.
  • This filter comes with a standard 72mm thread size, allowing compatibility with a wide range of lenses.
  • It employs Multi-Resistant Coating (MRC), which reduces reflections to improve the clarity and color accuracy of the image.
  • The MRC coating also renders the filter scratch resistant and water repellent thus increasing its longevity.
  • Designed to exhibit a very neutral coloration, it effectively minimizes color-casting while using the filter.
  • Constructed with SCHOTT B270 high transmission glass that ensures remarkable light transmission and clarity.

Technical Specifications:

  • Filter Type: Neutral Density
  • Density: 3.0 (10 Stops)
  • Size: 72mm
  • Multi-Coating: Yes, MRC (Multi-Resistant Coating)
  • Construction: SCHOTT B270 High Transmission Glass
  • Coloration: Neutral
  • Water Repellent: Yes
  • Scratch Resistant: Yes

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