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LocLum Neutral Density Filter 105mm (regulable)

Neutral Density Filter 105mm (regulable)

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The 105mm Adjustable Neutral Density Filter is a professional-grade lens filter specifically designed for photographers who demand high precision. The filter is adjustable from ND2 to ND32, providing variable light reduction without affecting the balance of color or hue.

  • Type: Neutral Density Filter
  • Size: 105mm
  • Adjustability: Regulable from ND2 to ND32
  • Material: Professional Grade Optical Glass
  • Mount Type: Screw-in Filter Thread
  • Effect: Reduces Amount of Light reaching the Film or Sensor without affecting color or hue
  • Usage: Useful for both Photography and Videography

The filter allows filmmakers and photographers to shoot at wider apertures, or slower shutter speeds, in bright conditions, providing more control over depth of field and motion blur. The filter also allows for more flexibility when adjusting to different light conditions and prevents overexposure. Made of optical glass, it retains the crispness and clarity of your images while providing the necessary light reduction.

The 105mm Neutral Density Filter is designed with a screw-in filter thread for easy attachment and detachment to the lens, making it a convenient accessory for on-the-go professionals. Belonging to the group of specialist camera filters, a neutral density filter is a must-have for every seasoned photographer and videographer.


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