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Neewer Teleprompter X14 Pro

Teleprompter X14 Pro

14 inch / 36cm width. Includes remote. Compatible with all tablets (not included) except iPad Pro 12. Stand not included.
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The Tripods / Rigs / SlidersTeleprompter X14 Proby is an advanced tool designed specifically for professionals in the field of photography and videography.

Teleprompter X14 Proby features a professional design built with lightweight, high strength materials that increase durability and extend the lifespan of the tool. The matte black surface helps to reduce reflections during your shoot.

  • Constructed using heavy-duty materials to withstand rigorous in-field use.
  • Designed with a matte black finish to minimize visual disturbances.
  • Ease of use ensured with a user-friendly interface
  • Compatible with diverse DSLR cameras, video cameras, and even smartphones.

The X14 Proby offers key features for a professional teleprompter including a 70/30 beamsplitter glass that ensures optimum picture clarity and a high-definition 14-inch monitor. It is also compatible with custom scripts and scrolls at set paces to match the speaker's cadence.

  • A 70/30 Beamsplitter ensures clear projection
  • An expansive 14-inch HD monitor for high-quality display
  • Adjustable scrolling speed to match the pace of the speaker
  • Script compatibility with flexible text sizes and font choices

Teleprompter X14 Proby offers a compact, transport-friendly design. The foldable glass frame and removable hood enable easy transport and the quick assembly and disassembly make it perfect for users on the go.

  • Designed for portability with foldable glass frame and removable hood
  • Adjustable and convenient quick mount system for ease of assembly and disassembly

The X14 Proby also includes a wireless remote control and can support a wide range of operating systems, opening up various options for different users.

  • Wireless remote control offers convenience and flexibility
  • Supports diverse operating systems including Windows, iOS, and Android

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