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Profoto Light Shaper Renting in Barcelona.

Mola Euro Beauty Dish (SoftLite), White

Euro Beauty Dish (SoftLite), White

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The Profoto Light ShaperEuro Beauty Dish (SoftLite), White is a robust light control accessory designed to meet the high demands of professional photographers and videographers. Constructed from high-quality materials, the white finish produces a softer and more diffused light that adds a unique professional touch to portraits and close-up shots.

This Beauty Dish (SoftLite) is compatible with all Profoto studio lights, ensuring seamless integration into your professional tools. It significantly enhances the light shaping capabilities, allowing creative freedom and precision in light manipulation.

The characteristic design of the Beauty Dish (SoftLite) creates a perfect circular catch light in the subject’s eye, adding depth and vitality to portrait photographs. It also features a built-in diffuser for wide light spread, minimizing shadows and adding a soft, flattering quality to your images.

  • Robust professional design made with high-quality materials
  • White finish for softer, diffused light
  • Compatible with all Profoto studio lights
  • Enhances light shaping capabilities for precision manipulation
  • Creates a perfect circular catch light in portrait photography
  • Features a built-in diffuser for an even, wide light spread

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