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LocLum Mirror (60 x 170cm)

Mirror (60 x 170cm)

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The StylingMirror (60 x 170cm) is a premium, full-length mirror meticulously crafted to meet the topmost standards of professional photographers and videographers. With its technical specifications, this mirror becomes a vital tool in any professional setup.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Dimensions: The mirror measures 60 cm in width and 170 cm in height, offering ample reflective surface for a full-body view.
  • Material: The StylingMirror is made from high-quality glass to ensure a clear and sharp reflection. The frame is crafted from durable materials to withstand regular use.
  • Weight: Despite its large size, the StylingMirror is designed to be reasonably lightweight, allowing for convenience in moving and placing it.
  • Mounting Options: This product can be wall-mounted or stand-alone, providing flexibility to the user in any work environment.
  • Anti-glare: The mirror features an anti-glare coating to control reflection interference, making it suitable for lighting setups.

The StylingMirror (60 x 170cm) is a handy tool designed to deliver excellent results in both photography and videography. Its size, high-quality materials, flexibility, and well-thought-out features work together to provide an unparalleled user experience for professionals.


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