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Lens Adapter Renting in Barcelona.

Metabones Sony E-Mount (camera) to Canon EF (lens)

Sony E-Mount (camera) to Canon EF (lens)

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The Lens Adapter for Sony E-Mount (camera) to Canon EF (lens) is a crucial accessory for professional photographers and videographers. It allows the use of Canon EF lenses on Sony E-Mount cameras, ensuring versatility and flexibility. The details are as follows:

Key Features:

  • Compatibility: This adapter is designed for mounting Canon EF lenses onto Sony E-mount cameras. It is compatible with a wide range of both full-frame and APS-C Sony E-mount cameras.
  • Auto-focus Support: It supports fast and accurate auto-focusing, helping users capture sharp images and crisp videos. This feature is thanks to the built-in electronic contacts and a dedicated microprocessor.
  • Aperture Control: The adapter allows automatic aperture control, benefiting users with precise exposure settings.
  • EXIF Data: It carries EXIF data through lens to camera, providing complete information for post-processing activities.
  • Sturdy Construction: The structure is made from solid aluminum for the lens mount side, and brass made for the camera mount side. This combination provides strength and longevity.
  • Craftsmanship: Anti-reflection coating, chamfered edges and matte finish reduce reflections around and within adapter, ensuring high-quality images.

Technical Specifications:

  • Mount Type: Canon EF to Sony E-Mount
  • Materials: Aluminum (lens side), Brass (camera side)
  • Functionality: Autofocus, EXIF data transfer, Aperture control
  • Finish: Matte

Remember, while this lens adapter provides flexibility in lens usage, there might be some limitations in functions depending on the specific lens and camera combinations.


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