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Flags / Floppies / Scrims Renting in Barcelona.

Matthews Flag 60 x 75 cm / 24 x 30' (single net)

Flag 60 x 75 cm / 24 x 30' (single net)

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The Flags / Floppies / ScrimsFlag 60 x 75 cm / 24 x 30' (single net) is an essential tool for professional photographers and videographers. It is designed with precise detail and efficiency in mind with providing optimum control over lighting for ideal visual effects. This product offers a wide variety of features and technical specifications important to its function.

  • The product measures 60 x 75 cm or 24 x 30 inches, providing a large surface to control light spread in various shooting environments.
  • Made with a single net design. This design feature helps to decrease the light's intensity without significantly altering its character or color temperature.
  • The flag is flexible, allowing for easy folding and storage. Its compact and lightweight nature makes it a convenient tool for shoots both in a studio or on location.
  • Constructed with durable material, it is resilient to extensive use and has a long shelf-life. This creates dependability and reliability for professionals who require consistent performance.
  • The edges are bound with strong fabric to prevent fraying and to extend the life of the product.
  • Equipped with an easy-grip handles to ensure easy setup and adjustment during shoots to achieve precise lighting control.

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