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Flags / Floppies / Scrims Renting in Barcelona.

Matthews Flag 60 x 75 cm / 24 x 30' (silk)

Flag 60 x 75 cm / 24 x 30' (silk)

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The Flags / Floppies / ScrimsFlag measuring 60 x 75 cm or 24 x 30 inches is a silk fabric version. It is an essential piece of equipment that professional photographers and videographers often employ. Designed to control, modify, and direct light sources, it allows for much needed flexibility and precision to achieve creative control on their set-up.

Product Features:

  • Dimensions: The size of this flag is 60 cm by 75 cm also translatable to 24 inches by 30 inches. The dimensions make it easy to manipulate and put in the right position for an ideal light control.
  • Material: Made up of silk fabric, a robust and durable material that can withstand daily professional use. It creates a soft diffused light that's ideal for portrait or product photography.
  • Light Control: The main function of this flag is to control light. It can be used to block artificial or natural light and to direct it according to the artist's vision.

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 60 cm x 75 cm / 24 inches x 30 inches
  • Material: Silk fabric
  • Weight: Provided by manufacturer
  • Color: Natural silk color
  • Compatibility: Can be used with all types of light, continuous or flash, from studio lights to the sun

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