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Manfrotto Video Head (502/3HDV)

Video Head (502/3HDV)

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The 502/3HDV Video Head is a powerful addition to any professional photographer's or videographer's kit. Its purpose is to enable smooth and precise camera moves, ensuring a high-quality outcome for your video projects.

  • It's an advanced head designed for DSLR videography, capable of carrying a load up to 7kg. This makes it suitable for use with a comprehensive selection of professional equipment.
  • Equipped with a patented Bridge Technology, it offers top-of-the-line precision for pan and tilt movements. This technology minimizes jerky movements and offers users smooth control, regardless of the video shooting demands.
  • Featuring a fluid drag system on pan and tilt axes, the 502/3HDV Video Head ensures smooth shooting and perfect video footage from one position to another. This system is variable and can be adjusted to match the weight of the camera and lens, providing excellent weight balance.
  • The device includes a pan bar and an easy-lock system for tilt movements. These features offer quick and secure lock-offs, enhancing the efficiency of your filming session.
  • Its flat base pairs well with a variety of tripods or any other camera support, offering versatility for different shooting conditions. Moreover, the video head is constructed from aluminium, providing robustness and longevity.
  • Other notable specifications include: a counterbalance system, providing maximum control; an easy link connector for attaching accessories, thoughtfully placed on the top platform; and a sliding plate with a 9.5mm lateral shift for error-free attachment of your camera.

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