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Booms Renting in Barcelona.

Manfrotto Super Boom (025BS), w/ Heavy Duty Stand (126CSU), rolls

Super Boom (025BS), w/ Heavy Duty Stand (126CSU), rolls

includes 1 x L-Peso counter weight.
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The BoomsSuper Boom (025BS) with Heavy Duty Stand (126CSU) is an essential tool designed for professional photographers and videographers. This robust system enables effective light control in a variety of settings, from studio environments to outdoor shoots. The product offers stability, flexibility and is bolstered by high-grade construction.

  • The BoomsSuper Boom (025BS) is an adaptable light control element. It has a maximum extension of up to 250cm, allowing for high-reaching or wide-spreading light coverage.
  • This system features a counterweight hook for added balance, enhancing safety and stability during operation. The hook is suitable for both sandbags and traditional counterweights.
  • The installation and adjustment of the boom are facilitated by a secure pivot clamp and a well-positioned adjustment knob. These provide secure lock-off and precise control over the tilt and pan of the mounted equipment.
  • The system comes integrated with a Heavy Duty Stand (126CSU). The stand is made from a challenging stainless steel material ensuring durability and stability across multiple surfaces. The stand offers a maximum load capacity of of up to 40kg and extends from 140 cm to 260 cm.
  • The BoomsSuper Boom (025BS) also features standard attachments including 1x Boom Stand, 1x Sand Bag, and 1x Cable Clips ensuring that you have all the necessary accessories for a seamless setup and operation.
  • It is also equipped with rubberized wheelset for smooth movement and transfer across different surfaces. This design facilitates easy, noise-free, and scratch-resistant relocation around the set or studio.
  • The product meets all relevant safety regulations and is CE certified.

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