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Booms Renting in Barcelona.

Manfrotto Super Boom (025BS)

Super Boom (025BS)

Includes L-Peso Counter Weight.
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The BoomsSuper Boom (025BS) is a robust and versatile product, tailor-made for professional photographers and videographers. The product packs numerous key features and technical specifications that are of importance to professionals in these fields.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy Aluminium Material: The BoomsSuper Boom (025BS) is constructed with durable and robust aluminium, ensuring the product's longevity.
  • Telescopic Arm: It incorporates a telescopic arm that extends to a maximum length, providing flexibility and a wide reach for various photography and videography needs.
  • Counterweight Hook: The product comes with a counterweight hook at the back for added stability during operations.
  • Caster Wheels: The detachable caster wheels aid in the easy mobility of the product, offering convenient transportation on different terrains.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: The total weight of BoomsSuper Boom (025BS) including the stand is to be noted.
  • Maximum Payload: The highest amount of weight the product can bear without compromise to stability or function.
  • Extended Length: The full extent to which the product's telescopic arm can reach.
  • Min-Max Tube Diameter: The minimum and maximum diameter of the boom's tube.
  • Footprint Diameter: The distance from one end of the base to the other, providing understanding about the required space for the product.

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