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Manfrotto Spring Clamp (175)

Spring Clamp (175)

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The Spring Clamp (175) is a practical tool designed for grip and rigging applications in photography and videography. Its technical specifications and key features are listed below:

  • Brand Name: ClampsSpring Clamp
  • Model Number: 175
  • Material: Made of high-quality, robust material built for durability and longevity. Usually, the clamp is made of heavy-duty steel or alloy for improved solidity and lightweight handling.
  • Load Capacity: Information about the maximum weight the clamp can handle is typically between 5 kg to 15 kg. It also hinges on the type of usage and attachment weight.
  • Design: The spring clamp is typically designed with a compact form for easy storage and travel. The ergonomic grip provides comfort during use, and the spring mechanism ensures secure and tight clamping.
  • Compatibility: The spring clamp is likely to have universal compatibility with most standard light stands and tripods. Usually, it also comes with various sized stud attachments to cater to the different needs of professionals.
  • Adjustability: The product generally offers features such as 360-degree rotation and adjustable tightness, which provide flexibility in usage.
  • Applications: The clamp provides a robust support system for various tools and equipment in a professional studio set up, including reflectors, backdrops, mics, lights, etc.

Please note that the specifications listed above are typically found in spring clamps of this type. Actual specifications may vary based on the specific product model.


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