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Grip Attachments Renting in Barcelona.

Manfrotto Spigot (E200)

Spigot (E200)

Junior female 28 mm / 1 1/8" to Baby Male 16 mm / 5/8" adapter.
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The product in focus is the Grip AttachmentsSpigot (E200) – a professional-grade accessory specifically designed to enhance the functionality of professional photography and videographic equipment.

The part number for this product is E200. It carries top-notch build quality and extensive durability, significantly extending the versatility of your existing mounts, stands, supports, booms, and grip heads. Here are the key characteristics of this Grip AttachmentsSpigot (E200):

  • The E200 Grip AttachmentsSpigot is crafted from top-quality aluminum alloy, providing a robust structure that ensures longevity and durability.
  • It boasts excellent resistance against rust and corrosion, making it perfect for use in all environments.
  • It has a Universal Head Type, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of studio gear.
  • Crafted with precision, this spigot features a double ended 16mm (5/8 inch) stud design with 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 male threads.
  • This unit measures 3 inches in length, making it compact yet efficient.
  • Its compact size and lightweight attribute, weighing only 4.2 ounces, make it easy to handle and move around.
  • The spigot is designed for firm grip and friction, reducing chances for slippage and hence promoting safety.

The E200 Grip AttachmentsSpigot opens up new possibilities for photographers and videographers alike, paving the way for exhaustive equipment configurations and flexibility to experiment.


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