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Booms Renting in Barcelona.

Manfrotto Mega Boom (425B) w/ Wind-up Stand (087NW), rolls

Mega Boom (425B) w/ Wind-up Stand (087NW), rolls

includes 1 x Spigot (E200), 1 x Sandbag (G300).
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The BoomsMega Boom (425B) w/ Wind-up Stand (087NW) by rollsby is a comprehensive solution designed to meet the unique needs of both photographers and videographers. This product features the combined power and functionality of a sturdy boom and a wind-up stand, ensuring a perfect setup for capturing impressive shots.

The main features of the BoomsMega Boom (425B) include:

  • Length: The boom extends from 44 inches (1.2 meters) to 154 inches (3.9 meters) making it enough versatile for various shootings.
  • Load Capacity: The boom can support a weight of up to 6.6 lbs (3 kg), allowing it to hold most high-end DSLR cameras and medium-sized camcorders.
  • Pivoting Clamp: Covers a 180-degree pivot with high-precision control for adjusting the angle, which makes it highly versatile.
  • Weight: The total boom weight is 15.4 lbs (7 kg), ensuring a stable and secure footing.

Noteworthy features of the Wind-up Stand (087NW) include:

  • Height: The stand has an adjustable height ranging from 54 inches (1.4 meters) to 124 inches (3.2 meters) making it suitable for most shooting scenarios.
  • Load Capacity: The stand can hold up to 88 lbs (40 kg), providing strong support for the boom, camera, and additional equipment.
  • Material: It is made of black, anodized aluminum, ensuring a robust and durable frame that resists wear and tear.
  • Safety: The stand features a safety cable to prevent accidental drops, and the legs have rubber feet to improve grip on smooth surfaces.
  • Weight: The stand weighs 48 lbs (21.7 kg), allowing for a sturdy base for your equipment.

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