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Grip Attachments Renting in Barcelona.

Manfrotto Lite-Tite Swivel, Umbrella Adapter (MA026)

Lite-Tite Swivel, Umbrella Adapter (MA026)

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The Grip AttachmentsLite-Tite Swivel, Umbrella Adapter (MA026) is a well-designed gear developed for photographers and videographers to affix light stands and umbrella adjustability. The product serves as a sturdy medium to hold and control the umbrella and light stand, ensuring their secure position.

The key features of the Grip AttachmentsLite-Tite Swivel, Umbrella Adapter (MA026) are outlined in the following HTML list:

  • The adapter possesses a swivel joint with a one-hand adjusting handle, facilitating the control over the connected light stand and umbrella.
  • The adapter contains a railing clamp for the umbrella that certifies a solid grip, preventing any unwanted movement.
  • Built with a durable and sturdy material ensure the product's long-lasting nature and resistance to regular usage wear and tear.
  • The MA026 model adapter is compatible with a plethora of light stands, enhancing its versatility in the studio setting.

In terms of technical specifications, the details of the Grip AttachmentsLite-Tite Swivel, Umbrella Adapter (MA026) are:

  • The loading capability of the adapter supports a significant range of professional equipment without yielding to their weight.
  • The build of the adapter allows it to endure extreme temperature and weather conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.
  • The lightweight nature of the adapter promotes ease of transport and does not add significant weight to your gear.

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