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Manfrotto J-Hook (039/176) with Super Clamp (035)

J-Hook (039/176) with Super Clamp (035)

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The ClampsJ-Hook (039/176) with Super Clamp (035) is an essential gadget designed to meet the varying demands of professional photographers and videographers. This product is designed to enhance setup stability and flexibility.

Key features and technical specifications:

  • Super Clamp (035) is designed with a holding strength of up to 15kg, ensuring a secure fit for different shooting needs.
  • The J-Hook (039/176) features a secondary lock system, offering enhanced security when holding your equipment.
  • Both the clamp and J-hook are constructed with durable and high-quality aluminum alloy, ensuring years of reliable use.
  • The Super Clamp (035) is built with a versatile socket which offers compatibility with a variety of attachments, ranging from studs to hexagonal pins.
  • To facilitate precision, the J-Hook (039/176) is designed with a smooth panning mechanism and tilting head.

This product embodies the top-tier standards of construction and design, giving professional photographers and videographers the reliability and ease of use they need when setting up their equipment.


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