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Manfrotto Flash Support (330B)

Flash Support (330B)

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The Grip Attachment Flash Support (330B) is a professional-grade equipment accessory designed for high accuracy and comfortable use in various shooting scenarios. Primarily constructed for photographers and videographers, the product presents a range of high-grade technical features for improved effectiveness.

In terms of technical specifications:

  • Built with durable materials like aluminum and polymeric compounds to ensure structural stability and longevity.
  • The robust and lightweight frame sustains heavy-duty usage without compromising its portability.
  • Engineered with an adaptable configuration that supports various types of flash and other light sources.
  • Offers a quick-release mechanism for efficient flash attachment and detachment.
  • Enabled with a non-slip grip handle for secure maneuvering and firm handling, even in high-movement environments.
  • Supports a wide range of rotation up to 180 degrees, facilitating diverse lighting conditions and angles.

The Grip Attachment Flash Support (330B) stands out due to its combination of advanced features and a robust design, catering to the distinct needs of professional photographers and videographers.


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