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Manfrotto Coupler Clamp / Big Ben (C4461)

Coupler Clamp / Big Ben (C4461)

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The ClampsCoupler Clamp/Big Ben (C4461) is a robust and versatile piece of equipment, designed with professional photographers and videographers in mind. It is characterized by its sturdy construction and ease of use.

Key features and technical specifications of the ClampsCoupler Clamp/Big Ben (C4461) include:

  • The clamp is constructed from solid die-cast material that ensures longevity and sturdy operation.
  • It possesses a standard 28mm socket which allows compatibility with various professional equipment.
  • The tool features a secondary safety system that provides a secure and safeguarded workflow.
  • Its design includes an ergonomic handle for easy manipulation and effective grip.
  • The clamp has a high load capacity, tolerating a significant weight without jeopardizing stability.
  • The product's dimensions fit the industry standards, facilitating its incorporation in a wide range of setup types.

With the ClampsCoupler Clamp/Big Ben (C4461), professional photographers and videographers can securely and reliably set up their equipment, enhancing their efficiency during work.


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