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Manfrotto Backlite Stand (012B), detachable column, 9 - 85 cm / 3,5 - 33,5“

Backlite Stand (012B), detachable column, 9 - 85 cm / 3,5 - 33,5“

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The StandsBacklite Stand (012B) is a significant professional tool especially designed for photographers and videographers. It is an essential accessory for both studio and on-location shoots and offers adjustable height range from 9 to 85 cm or 3.5 to 33.5 inches.

This product is equipped with a detachable column, extending its versatility, making it easy to transport and set up. The removable feature provides increased efficiency and flexibility, helping professionals achieve complex lighting setups.

  • Product Name: StandsBacklite Stand (012B)
  • Height Range: 9 - 85 cm / 3,5 - 33,5"
  • Feature: Detachable column
  • Transportation : Compact and easy to transport due to detachable column
  • Versatility: Can be used in studios or on-location shoots
  • Design: Robust and durable, yet lightweight

The StandsBacklite Stand (012B) is a combination of robust design and practical functionality, culminating in one of the must-have items in a professional's photography kit.


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