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Manfrotto Autopole Telescopic Tripod (432-3.7), 210 - 370 cm / 7 -12'

Autopole Telescopic Tripod (432-3.7), 210 - 370 cm / 7 -12'

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The StandsAutopole Telescopic Tripod (432-3.7) is a professional-grade photography and videography accessory designed to securely hold your equipment at adjustable heights ranging from 210 to 370 cm (7 to 12 feet).

With a robust and sturdy construction, this tripod is built for longevity, with its heavy-duty telescopic extension capability enhancing its operational reach. Built from the finest materials to ensure durability, strength and stability, the StandsAutopole Telescopic Tripod (432-3.7) carries the load of your professional equipment easily and confidently.

Here are the technical specifications of the product:

  • Product Model: 432-3.7
  • Height Adjustment: 210 - 370 cm / 7 - 12 feet
  • Telescopic Design: Yes
  • Stability: Superior, with heavy-duty secure-lock mechanisms
  • Material Composition: Made from professional-grade, robust materials for extreme durability
  • Functionality: Multi-functional tripod, suitable for a range of professional photographic and videographic equipment
  • Manufacturer: StandsAutopole

The StandsAutopole Telescopic Tripod (432-3.7) stands as an ideal tool for professional photographers and videographers who demand flexibility and performance from their equipment. Its secure and traditional setup ensures that your work is supported by a product just as professional as you are.


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