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Carts Renting in Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent Magliner Sr. (large), 140 x 60cm / 55 x 25"

Magliner Sr. (large), 140 x 60cm / 55 x 25"

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The CartsMagliner Sr.(large) is ideally designed for the needs of professional photographers and videographers, allowing you to carry all your photography and videography equipment conveniently. It measures 140 x 60cm, equivalent to 55 x 25" in dimensions, making it a generously spacious solution for carrying equipment.

Key features and technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: The cart's total size is 140 x 60 cm, or 55 x 25", offering you ample space to transport your gear from one location to another.
  • Capacity: The CartsMagliner Sr.(large) is built to withstand high-capacity loads, making it perfect for carrying heavy sets of equipment.
  • Material: The body and frame of the cart are constructed of durable, high-strength aluminum, ensuring longevity and robust performance under heavy loads.
  • Design: Despite its significant capacity, the cart's design is optimized for narrow corridors and tight places, providing you with flexibility during shooting.
  • Portability: The cart is foldable to a compact size for easy storage and transportation when not in use or when travelling.
  • Usability: Its flat-free wheels and comfortable handles provide ease of use, enabling smooth and stable maneuverability in various terrains.

To ensure the longevity and proper functioning of the CartsMagliner Sr.(large), it's recommended to regularly inspect and maintain the cart's parts, including wheels, handles, and load-bearing structures.


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