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Reflectors / Diffusors Renting in Barcelona.

Lightbridge Kit C-DRIVE


including C-Reflectors: 50x50cm Diff 1-4 25x25cm Diff 1-4 15x15cm Diff 1-4 7x7cm Diff 1-4 C-Grip: 2x C-Wheels male 2x C-Wheels female 2x spare safety wedge kits 4x safeties 1x C-Cleaning SCRATCHED OR DIRTY REFLECTOR MUST BE REPLACED AND WILL BE CHARGED IN FULL.
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The C-DRIVE Reflectors / Diffusors Kit is a comprehensive package of essential tools tailored for professional photographers and videographers.

Key Features and Technical Specifications:

  • Material: The kit is built with durable and light-reflecting materials, ensuring long-lasting usage and optimal light diffusion.
  • Complete Set: Included in the kit are five different types of reflectors - gold, silver, white, black, and translucent, catering to various lighting conditions.
  • Size: Each of the reflectors in the kit measures 24" x 36", providing expansive coverage and versatile usage in different shooting scenarios.
  • Convenient Carry Bag: The Reflectors / Diffusors Kit C-DRIVE comes with a custom-designed carrying bag, simplifying storage and transportation.
  • Flexible Assembly: Each reflector is easily foldable and can be assembled swiftly, saving precious time during professional shoots.
  • Dual-Sided Usage: The reflectors are designed to be used on both sides - offering multiple reflective and diffusive properties.

Intended for professional use, the C-DRIVE Reflectors / Diffusors Kit is suitable for both indoor and outdoor shoots, promising to elevate photographic and videographic quality through versatile light modification.


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