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Lee Filters (per foot) Full Minus Green (247)

(per foot) Full Minus Green (247)

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(Per Foot) Full Minus Green (247)

The (Per Foot) Full Minus Green (247) is an essential product for professional photographers and filmmakers. This high-quality color correction gel is designed to be used with lighting equipment to eliminate the green cast caused by fluorescent or LED lights.

With a convenient per foot measurement, this Full Minus Green gel allows for easy customization and precise control over the amount of green correction needed. Simply cut the gel to the desired length and attach it to the lighting equipment or lens filter using adhesive, clips, or other secure methods.

The (Per Foot) Full Minus Green (247) is made from durable materials that are heat-resistant, ensuring longevity and reliability even during extended use. Its smooth and consistent color ensures accurate and natural-looking results in your photography or film projects.

Whether you are shooting in a studio, on location, or working on a DIY project, the (Per Foot) Full Minus Green (247) provides an effective solution for eliminating unwanted green tones and delivering beautiful, well-balanced lighting. Enhance your visuals and achieve professional-quality results with this must-have color correction tool.


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