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Lee Filters (per foot) Full CTO (204)

(per foot) Full CTO (204)

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(per foot) Full CTO (204)

Introducing our (per foot) Full CTO (204) product, an essential tool for every photographer and filmmaker.

The Full CTO (Color Temperature Orange) filter is designed to convert the color temperature of your light source, bringing warmth and richness to your images or videos. With a color correction value of 204, this filter is specifically formulated to counterbalance cool daylight lighting, resulting in a more natural and balanced appearance.

Our (per foot) Full CTO (204) is made from high-quality materials, ensuring optimal light transmission without any loss in intensity. It is also easily customizable, as you can cut it to your desired length to fit various lighting fixtures or equipment. Whether you are shooting indoors or outdoors, this filter will help you achieve consistent color temperature and enhance the overall quality of your visuals.

Upgrade your lighting setup today with our (per foot) Full CTO (204) and experience professional-grade results in your photography and filmmaking projects.


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