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Lee Filters (per foot) 3/4 White Diffusion (416)

(per foot) 3/4 White Diffusion (416)

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The (per foot) 3/4 White Diffusion (416) is a high-quality lighting accessory designed to enhance the output and control of light. This diffusion material is perfect for diffusing and softening the light emitted by LED, fluorescent, and other types of lighting fixtures.

Its 3/4" thickness provides excellent light diffusion without compromising the brightness. The white color helps create a neutral and evenly diffused light, making it ideal for a wide range of applications such as photography, videography, stage lighting, and interior design.

This diffusion material is sold by the foot, allowing you to have the exact length you need for your specific projects. Whether you're a professional photographer or a DIY enthusiast, the (per foot) 3/4 White Diffusion (416) will elevate the quality of your lighting setup, resulting in stunning and well-balanced lighting effects.


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