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Lee Filters (per foot) 1/8 CTO (223)

(per foot) 1/8 CTO (223)

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The (per foot) 1/8 CTO (223) is a high-quality color correction gel filter designed for theatrical, event, and studio lighting applications. It is manufactured with precision and care to provide accurate color temperature adjustment.

This gel filter comes in a convenient per foot length, allowing you to customize the amount you need for your specific lighting setup. The 1/8 CTO (223) color correction gel is specifically designed to warm up the output of Daylight balanced sources (approximately 5500K) to create a more natural and pleasing warm tone.

With its durable construction, the 1/8 CTO (223) gel filter is easy to use and can be quickly cut and attached to your lighting fixtures using a variety of methods. Whether you are a professional lighting designer or a photography enthusiast, this color correction gel is an essential tool in achieving the desired lighting ambiance and mood for your projects.


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